A Mother’s Love Knows No Distance

For me, the biggest change about going to college was leaving home. Leaving my family, my dogs, and constant presence of my parents, especially my mom.

My mom is a force of nature that is as essential to my life as air is to a bird. She is the force that taught me to love and care just as she had done for me.

Although not everyone is lucky enough to have the same relationship as me and my mom, I see the love of mothers everywhere in college.

I see it in the homemade cookies left in the common room by mothers certain that their child is wasting away on cafeteria food.

I see it in the random phone call that my friends get at all hours of the day from parents who miss them too much to wait another minute to call.

I see it in the headshots of parents hanging on our walls and hear it in the stories we tell about funny things our moms do or say. We showcase these images and tell these stories with a longing in our hearts that wants to be back in the care of whoever makes us feel most loved.

Although I will never be able to repay my mom or even describe the all-encompassing role in my life, I can attribute my drive for success to her sacrifice. Everything she’s done for me fuels me to succeed so her sacrifice will not be in vain. She gave me and my brothers everything, her job, her time, her patience, and all of her love. Even when we don’t deserve anything, she still graces us with an unparalleled love that I can only hope to reflect in my own life.

I hope that I never loose sight of my mom’s love and that everyone else has someone for whom they feel that same unconditional love, no matter where they are.


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